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As an accredited setting, skilled practitioners are constantly creating a language rich environment for your child.


Your child’s communication skills will be monitored throughout the programme and strategies will be implemented to further develop these skills.


Training for practitioners is ongoing to further support your child’s communication development.




Talking, understanding others and knowing what to say are really important skills for children.


At our setting we strive to fulfil our commitment to children’s overall development and by putting our own strategies into place from the very beginning really enhances their confidence and well-being.


Within 8/12 weeks of being with us, we should have enough evidence to be able to put your child into the best group for their age/stage of development.


These groups are of no more than 4 children at any one time. Can you imagine trying to tell a story to 30 children under 3?


As part of our daily routine, children are encouraged to participate in all positive interactions, be that Singing Stories Chatterboxes or snack time, and each interaction is monitored closely by a skilled practitioner.


Evidence shows that children need more time than adults to think about what they have heard and to decide what they want to say back.


In our setting we give children plenty of time to respond, we do not ask lots of questions, as this can feel like a test. We comment on what they are doing and what is happening. Sentences are kept short. For example; “Wow, you’re building a tower"


We often repeat what we say to the children over and over.  This helps them to understand what is being said and to learn new words.


Because we want all children to receive ‘positive’ interactions, we do not correct their mistakes we simply repeat back what they have said, but in the correct way. If they say “I got a red tar” we say “Yes, you’ve got a red car”


We also copy what they say, as this shows that we are interested and have heard what has been said.


The end results of this way of learning are reflected in our cohort that is collated termly.


We can easily identify those children that have exceeded the expected norm and those that haven’t yet reached set targets, and for those children, often a speech and language referral will be made with the consent of the parents.


Early intervention is paramount to ensuring your child does not slip through the net during higher education, and unless there are underlying reasons for this, we would expect all children in our care to reach sustained levels of achievement by time they leave us.

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Let's Talk Together

Let’s Talk Together (LTT) is a programme funded by Hounslow Early Years to support, encourage and inspire early language development of all children.